San Luis Obispo Drive Start

The RROC National Fall Tour of 2016 took place on October 16-22.  There were 51 people on the tour including eight year-old twins.  One of the members joined the RROC in 1964 and 2 others joined the club in 1968.  We had two national board members on the tour and one past Chairman.

Two riders flew in from Pennsylvania and the car that drove the furthest to join us came from Kemah, TX (1,800 miles).  Members came from CA, OR, WA, TX, PA, NV and 5 members drove in from Canada.  PMC’s on the tour varied in age from 1933 to 2013, an 80 year spread.

There were 23 cars in attendance, 10 Rolls-Royces and 13 Bentleys.  The oldest Rolls-Royce was a 1933 Phantom II (the twins were part of this family) and the oldest Bentley was a 1953 R type. The newest Rolls-Royce was a 1997 and the newest Bentley was a 2013.

We averaged 130m. per day depending whether you took the scenic route (which was the recommended way via CA-1 & side roads) or cheated & took US 101 and got back to the hotel for a nap before everybody else.

The intent was to avoid the freeways as much as possible, and take in as many of the local hideaways and points of interest that could be found.
Who knew there was a Motorcycle Museum which would turn out to be one of the most popular spots due largely to the proprietor/inventor/nutty professor/motorcycle racer who owned it, and regaled us with tales long after we were due elsewhere?  Who knew there so many quirky museums in hidden spots just waiting to be discovered?
Who knew there are 6 missions in SLO County, all beautifully restored and open to the public, some still operating as houses of worship?  Who knew there was such a huge variety of wine trails in such a small area?

We drove along Foxen Canyon, Creston, San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles Wine Trails, with a multitude of wineries, scenic drives and rustic locations. All open for business and ready for visitors.

What a ride!

Hillsborough Concours

Join in the fun in Hillsborough.  Always a beautiful event on a beautiful golf course with a showcase of great cars,  Bring a car,  Or just come to look.  All cars 1992 and older.  Sanctioned event.

Alameda Concours June 11, 2017

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